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About Us

We are a veteran owned small business with law enforcement, security, emergency management, firefighting and ems related experience. We have spent our lives protecting, and training to protect life and property. We provide the highest level of trained security personnel for many situations where life or property may be at risk. Contact us today for more information on our training programs and services.

Security Staff In A Car
President/ Founder

Kasey Cummings

Kasey has been working in the field of protection for over 14 years. With experience in the U.S. Army, over 10 years in firefighting and EMS, law enforcement (federal and state), security/ asset protection management, emergency management and extensive training. He comes with years of
training in customer service, federally contracted law enforcement, security services and as an NRA instructor. “We are a company that values retention and employee engagement. We want our employees to value not only working for us but working with our clients as much as we do.”

Operations Coordinator

Todd Miller

Todd brings experience from over 30 years as a firefighter, apparatus driver, fire police officer and assistant chief. Todd’s security background comes from working through the ranks to a Security Police Sergeant with the Department of Energy, working as a NYS Peace Officer for the town of Ashford, NY and working as an unarmed/ armed guard within WNY. When it comes to managing on site operations Todd is the one who makes sure the client gets what they need to keep their assets protected. “If an asset is not worth being protected, is it worth keeping?”

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Office Manager

CPT Katie Cummings


SGT D. Miller, Marketing Support/ Recruitment Lead

CPL J. Davis, Customer Connections Lead

SP B. Scott, Events Lead

The 1RPS Team
All employees bring years of experience in many related fields. Currently 1 st Response employees consist of current or former military personnel, law enforcement officers, fire fighters, ems members and highly trained security professionals. The 1RPS team is one that consistently brings more advanced personnel to the workplace and have spent their lives training to protect others.

1. St. Aloysius Regional School (School Safety) – Springville, NY
2. Miller Drag Racing – Ashford, NY
3. Elite Athletics – Little Valley, NY
4. Dylan Bartz, New East Extreme Dirt Track ATV Rider – West Valley, NY
5. Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team – Cattaraugus County, NY
6. Conquer Chiari, Walk Across America – Jamestown, NY
7. St. Aloysius Regional School (BMR) – Springville, NY
8. ECLVWV Little League Baseball & Softball – Cattaraugus County, NY

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